It’s an exciting time to be part of Squerryes – the awards we’re winning and the momentum we’re gaining. We’d love you to join us on this journey, and so we are inviting customers to become members of Squerryes.

A Step Closer

A Step Closer

Membership is exclusive – there are only a limited number of spaces we can fill, there will be some invitations you receive to events that are reserved for members only (with a plus 1 so you don’t get lonely), plus you’ll have access to tickets for public events a week in advance of going on general sale and at a reduced member’s price.

Membership is not, however, elitist. That’s simply not our style.

So, what does membership look like? It is very much a 2-way thing, our focus being of course on what we can bring to the party.


Our commitment:

We won’t ask for any joining fee at any time whilst honoring a 15% discount on your wine orders.

We’ll be inviting you to some food and wine events at our fantastic new Winery and at times the Court. We think you’ll like it here, and as members we hope it will become a very familiar space, one that you feel comfortable and ‘at home’ in. If you need something a little larger, then again as members, you’ll have the opportunity to host private events and functions at Squerryes Court.

Your commitment:

All we ask from you is a commitment to 2 deliveries per year of Squerryes (6 bottle cases), one in December and one in June. The content of your case is entirely up to you: current vintage Brut, or Rosé, or mixed.

If you’re at all interested in membership, then please do get in touch:

Email: | Phone: 01959 562345


Our terms and conditions don’t need to be in small print, they’re very straightforward and we’re very transparent. By purchasing 6 bottles of Squerryes at a 15% discount, you are committed to a further purchase of 6 bottles. After your second delivery you can cancel at any time, without any charge. It’s as simple as that.