We like to open our doors to our customers as often as we can, so we have created a ‘menu’ of experiences to enjoy here at Squerryes. Do get in touch if you’re at all interested:

celebrations@squerryes.co.uk |  01959 562345

A Taste of Squerryes

A Taste of Squerryes

This is a real treat – the chance to savour a ‘Flight of Squerryes’ (3 of our exclusive vintages) alongside an optional cheese or charcuterie board comprising only locally sourced produce.

Our Winery team will deliver a tutored tasting and share stories of the spirit of Squerryes that have defined our wine brand.

You’re invited to relax in the Winery Tasting Room or on the Terrace, and then enjoy a walk of our vines, a short distance from our Terrace.

No minimum group size. A ‘Flight of Squerryes’ is £18.

Our Winery Tasting Room and Terrace is open Friday and Saturday every week between midday and 6.30pm

Spirit of our Terroir

Spirit of our Terroir

This is a fantastic learning experience. Our Vineyard Manager will take you off in our Squerryes Land Rover up to our private Pilgrim’s Way vineyard where he will walk the vines with you, and talk you through all that makes our terroir so unique.

Then it’s back to the Winery for a tutored tasting and plenty of time to sit and relax and enjoy a flight of Squerryes (4 of our exclusive vintages) alongside a cheese and charcuterie board, comprising only locally sourced produce from the ‘Garden of England’.

For groups of 8 to 16.

Spirit of our House

Spirit of our House

This incorporates all the elements from the ‘Spirit of our Terroir’ experience, but also includes a trip to Squerryes Court.

You’ll be met by Henry or Claire Warde, the 8th generation of Wardes to live here. Showing you around the house – their home – they will tell you all about the many different characters who have also called Squerryes ‘home’, and who now form part of its history.

What’s more, the walls are decorated with original works of art from the likes of Rubens and Van Dyck, and within the rooms you’ll see some of the original furniture collected by the family in the 1700’s, when they took ownership of Squerryes.

This is a really enjoyable and informative day, one that we hope will leave you with a sense of having discovered something very special indeed.

For groups of up to 16.