A few words from Henry Warde of the Squerryes Estate

“A very, very warm welcome to Squerryes – a name that means a great deal to me, so it’s a real pleasure introducing it to you. Thank you for paying us a visit.”

Licet Esse Beatis

Licet Esse Beatis

“Squerryes is our beautiful, busy home that sits within a productive 2,500 acre estate in the Kent Downs. My family is the 8th generation of Wardes to live here, with many colourful characters preceding us, all with their own story to tell.

These stories, our history I suppose, are one of the things that makes Squerryes so special. Equally so is the glue, our family motto, that has bound all these chapters and all these people together over the centuries:

‘Licet Esse Beatis’: it is permitted to be joyful.”

Business of Joy

Business of Joy

“Our family motto is inscribed over our front door and it pours through into the house with an energy that is fantastically infectious.

It also spills over into our work, to such an extent that we consider ourselves to be in the ‘business of joy’ – our family has been for nearly 300 years.

This year we launched our first forest school on the Estate, such a rewarding moment to give local families more opportunities to get outdoors to enjoy our beautiful countryside in the Westerham Valley.”

Bottling Joy

Bottling Joy

“This ‘joy’, the true spirit of our house, is so unique that we felt it was something we wanted to share. With that in mind, we set about trying to ‘bottle’ it, in a form that others can enjoy.

And here it is…

Squerryes vintage sparkling wine, both Brut and Rosé, produced solely from our own grapes, grown in our own 35 acre vineyard.

We do believe we have created something very special indeed. So, step aside Champagne, it seems it’s our turn to shine.

Welcome to the next chapter: the discovery of Squerryes Sparkling Wine.